Brian Hampton

        Nutrition Therapy

          is about Optimum Nutrition

          is best used to prevent major illness

          is a major aid to all crisis healing, including orthodox medicine

          is about raising your immunity level which reduces the problems of infection and allergy

          is very successful in dealing with the whole range of western diseases.

OPTIMUM NUTRITION is often used too overcome a specific illness or problem and all to often when all else has failed.

THE PRINCIPLE IS VERY SIMPLE, Within a year most of the cells that make up the tissues of our bodies will have died and re-grown, by applying optimum nutrition the body has its best chance to regenerate healthier tissue.

THIS IS DONE BY advising clients on food selection and  often includes a recommendation on supplementation, i.e. vitamins, minerals etc., based on an extensive personal case history.

THE LIKELY OUTCOME is a permanent, improved quality of life within three months, usually with additional benefits not looked for at the time of the original appointment. It is rare for a client not feel improvement within the first month. Additional benefits, as an example, could be a young lady seeking help for chronic Eczema finding the PMT she had learnt to live with simply ceasing to be a problem. In the older age group the benefits can be much more varied.

 THE OBJECTIVE IS TO TEACH PEOPLE HOW NOT TO NEED MEDICINE, It is a self-help technique that rarely involves more than three to four visits to the therapist spread over five months. At the end of that time most clients are capable of monitoring their own progress and are much less dependent on pharmaceutical medicine..



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