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 A gentle, yet powerful way of restoring the balance and harmony in the mind, body and spirit. Pam will help you to relax both physically and mentally and then places her hands on or near you to allow the healing energy to flow.

Sometimes one treatment can be enough, but  often the beneficial results appear gradually.

Case histories range from the so called trivial to the severe. No one can say in advance whether healing will be beneficial in a particular case, but it happens too often to be coincidental.

Healing is completely harmless and can take place alongside any other medication or therapy.

It is non-denominational and works beyond distinctions of race, class or religious belief.

Pam is a Healer member of The Healing Trust and is a qualified member of the College of Healing.


Pam gives empathetic and compassionate help with personal problems, anxiety and depression, life situations, personal growth and awareness. Taking the first step and talking to someone is not always easy but it is the first step on the road to recovery.


Help for you to reach your full potential through relaxation and connection with your unconscious mind and inner healing. Hypnotherapy can be used to help issues requiring long and short term therapy, for situations including stress, phobias, habits, emotional issues. confidence building, grief, childhood trauma, IBS and other ailments.


Pam uses a light touch to focus attention on the spinal reflex in the feet, hands and head, which was found to correspond to the time before birth. After sessions people often notice immediate physical or emotional change or changes in their situation, reflecting perhaps the inner transformation of some life patterns. This can take place at a subtle level so that it is  hardly noticed by the conscious mind, but those around them will pick up the differences. The Metamorphic Technique does not involve the treatment of symptoms but provides  an environment in which a movement out of old patterns occurs at both the physical and psychological levels. As people get a deeper insight into themselves, so the need for the symptoms can disappear.                         

Pam was trained by one of the founder members of the Metamorphic Technique and has been using it for nearly 20 years.


Following a case history, these are often given on their own or in conjunction with other therapies. They help alleviate common negative states of mind [ which can also affect the physical body ] such as fear, loneliness, despondency, despair, uncertainty, over sensitivity etc. Taken as drops on the tongue, they are gentle but powerful in effect. They do not have side effects and can be used alongside any other treatment.


Pam helps you to release or manage the stress in your mind, body and life situations. She uses relaxation, meditation, visualisations and affirmations alongside other therapies including healing, counselling, hypnotherapy, massage etc. According to your needs and desires, what suites you best. She helps you towards becoming a healthier, more relaxed, positive and fulfilled person.


Colour healing oils containing plant extracts and essential oils. Choose and obtain one to be used on yourself during massage or reflexology, then take it home to rub on yourself or to aid relaxation and meditation.

Also colour readings through the colour you choose.


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