If you have been confused by which supplements you should or should not use, we have the answers-very cost effective answers.

When I was very ill more than 20 years ago I had no idea that food selection and the use of supplements would have such an influence on my life. It bothers me that there are still so many people around that have no knowledge of such things or possibly worse, are still  influenced and confused by the conflicting views expressed in the media from so many different experts. Very few scientists do research for its own sake, most are employed by major corporations. This means their jobs are likely to depend upon defending the use of high profit products like processed foods and confectionary.

Any advice I give also carries a bias. It is a bias of ideas that not only worked very well for me but has helped  more than 6000 of my patients/clients. They now have a better quality of life simply by allowing me to share the knowledge I have acquired since being so ill. It is likely I can help you to.

If it is only advice on supplements that you want then by completing our questionnaire and getting it back to me I can calculate the level of supplementation that is likely to be of most value to you. I need to make a modest charge for this service but we have discussed this at my clinic and have kept the cost down to £19.95. This does mean I can then give you a Caring Club Membership, free for the first year, which could represent a saving to you of £120. For everyone who completes a questionnaire and returns it to The Caring Clinic I will send you a handbook of basic advice about food plus details outlining the benefit of being a Club member. This booklet and Club membership is much valued by my clients. The only down side of this service is the fact that, at this time, I have to rely on “snail mail” for the return of the questionnaire and the payment.

From the questionnaire I can calculate the levels of supplements that are likely to be of most value to you. Once I have completed the calculations I will send you my advise, together with a quotation for the recommended supplements. All of my recommendations are based on products universally available, from good, independent health food stores. There are no “own brand” products in our catalogue.

If you want more detailed advice then clearly the best route is to make an appointment to see me at The Caring Clinic in Sheffield. The next best option is a full Postal Consultation.

If you decide upon a full appointment it is worth noting that it is very likely that I have helped many other people with the same health problems as yourself.

Nutrition, as a therapy, is an essential factor in all health issues- it can be complementary to all forms of medicine or it can be alternative.

If you have been confused by which supplements you should or should not use, we have the answers, very cost effective answers. To be fully effective it is important that your food selection is appropriate to your current situation.

There are three principle routes to obtain advice from me or my clinic. Please use which ever feels right for you at this time: -

  1/. Supplement advice only .

  2/. A full postal consultation.

  3/. A consultation with a therapist at our clinic .

Whichever route you choose we will give you a Caring Club membership, free for the first year, this could represent a saving of £120.

PREVENTION IS EASIER AND CHEAPER THAN CURE; so do not wait until you are ill to use our well-proven service.



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