A commonsense way of combating illness.

This book provides a health strategy that works for 90% of people 90% of the time.

Brian takes the view after more than twenty years in practice that it is vital to get the basics in place before embarking on other forms of therapy that can be both costly and time consuming.

The book is available now for just £7.95.

Reproduced below is the preface from THE 90% DIET.


The following article appeared in the Sheffield Telegraph in April 2003 and is very much a reflection of twenty years experience as a clinical nutritionist and involving more than 5000 case histories.


If there were a diet that worked for 90% of the population 90% of the time would you be impressed? My guess is you would be suspicious.

Such a diet does exist but not specifically aimed at weight control. The word "diet" today has come to be associated only with weight control and implies restriction. The 90% diet usually involves a much wider choice of foods than most people would normally consider. Food is about so much more than body weight and energy. Too many people see food in much the same way that they see petrol consumed by a car. However food is the very building blocks of life; it is about health or even lack of health; it is about fertility; it is about mood; it is about pain or lack of pain, etc.

The 90% diet is much more tied into generating exceptionally good health that always brings improved vitality and usually contributes to permanent weight control, i.e. no more yo-yoing from this weight to that weight and no need for two wardrobes associated with being "on the diet" and "off the diet."

The 90% diet is based on the observation that 90% of the population is overfed and undernourished. This one factor is a major contribution to illness, even severe illness. The significant benefit to permanently changing the way food is used is the fact that 90% of the people following such a concept can expect 90% of their health problems to disappear, particularly when supported by the appropriate use of supplements. Clearly this does not happen over night and does take commitment. This is why, currently, it is mostly people who have been unwell and have been unable to overcome their illness by conventional means that are using the 90% diet.

With more publicity and a greater understanding of the benefit of the 90% diet, the obesity, diabetes and degenerative diseases that have become endemic in the western world, would begin to fade. The limiting factor to the 90% diet is the fact no one stands to make financial profit from advocating its use.

The principle is simple. It is a matter of recognising that the Human Animal has not come very far in terms of evolution and what we can and cannot eat, without impeding our potential to thrive. In essence it means concentrating on foods that would have been eaten by our hunter/gather ancestors. In that respect the idea of five pieces of vegetables and fruit should be the very minimum we should be aiming for. Sadly most people do not achieve this and do not thrive. Food on the plate should look very much as it did when it was growing, e.g. the fish on the plate, however cooked, should still be recognisable as fish.

Most illness is preventable and the 90% diet is the best stepping stone to being constantly well and at your optimum body weight.

Article by Brian Hampton for The Caring Clinic

I regularly write such articles for the local paper and at such times I am limited to just 500 words. Consequently I am always aware of how much more needs to be said. I am also aware that what I advocate is very simple and that does not necessarily make it very easy. For that reason I always get my clients to focus on the benefit of change rather than the effort involved in doing things differently.

On the following pages some of the explanations may be seen as an oversimplification by some people and may not be entirely scientifically accurate. Some of the anatomical description may not be "Grays Anatomy". This is because I have endeavoured to use explanations and a vocabulary that I have found most of my clients seem to have understood, without too much additional reading.

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