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Buying Supplements

The following is a good base programme and represents the building blocks for most of our individualized supplement programme. 

Economy base programme.- A months supply (30 days) for £20.35 inclusive of 1st class post and usually dispatched same day if ordered before 3pm. (Mon-Fri)

Mega multivitamin -use 1 per day    £7.95 (30 tablets)  vitamins_minerals_basic

Multi-mineral          -use  2 per day   £5.95 (60 tablets)

Vitamin C             -use 2 per day    £7.45 (60 tablets)

The recommended time for taking them is within 15 minutes of eating, usually 1 at breakfast and 1 at tea with the exception of the mega multivitamin, which is 1 at breakfast.




Superior Base Programme £63.76 for a 6 week supply i.e. £42.50 approx per month

Formula VM2000 (Multivitamin)    vitamins_minerals            

Chelated Solamins Multimineral

Ester C Plus Vitamin C 1000mg

Take 2 tablets of each per day within 15 minutes of breakfast and tea.




If you answer yes to more than 6 it is likely you will benefit from including Chromium + B3 in your daily programme of supplements.

£4.25 (60 Tablets)


 1. Do you need something to get you going in the morning like a tea, coffee or cigarette?

 2. Do you have tea, coffee, sugar containing foods or drinks or cigarettes at regular intervals during the day?

 3. Do you feel drowsy during the day?

 4. Are you addicted to sweet foods?

 5. Do you get dizzy or irritable if you donít eat often?

 6. Do you avoid exercise due to tiredness?

 7. Do you experience hot or cold sweats?

 8. Do you sometimes lose concentration?

 9. Are you often thirsty?

10. Is you energy less not than it use to be?

11. Do you need frequent meals?

12. Do you need excessive sleep?

13. Do you feel drowsy or irritable after 6 hours without food?

14. Do you experience cold hands or feet?

15 Are you rarely awake within 20 minutes of rising?



 Individual products are available to order over the telephone.


 N.B. Individualised supplement programmes are always more effective

 and are based on a good base programme similar to the ones above.            


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