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You have just found the site of some of the most experienced therapists involved in Alternative/Complementary Medicine.

More than 20 years of helping people in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham, Barnsley and surrounding areas.

At The Caring Clinic the objective is to share our knowledge.

This knowledge  was born out of our own need to overcome severe illness, albeit many years ago, knowledge that continues to expand through postgraduate study.

We aim to help people avoid illness. Many of our personal clients use our skills as a last resort, but  we know prevention is easier and cheaper than cure.




Brian Hampton - Nutritional Therapist    Take the Health Quiz   (download and complete offline)



Brian Hampton Dip.I.O.N. is the Nutritional Therapist at the Caring Clinic and has been in continuous practice since 1985.

His interest in Clinical Nutritional Medicine began in 1982 when at the age of 42 he had a diagnosis of cancer. At the time he was a workaholic combining  three careers, Engineer, Guest House Owner and Trade Union Organiser .

He is a natural problem solver and his vast experience has helped thousands of people with the widest range of problems. Sometimes the problems have had a direct bearing on health, but very often an indirect bearing. It becomes obvious that the more balance there is in a persons life the less risk there is of disease or illness. Peace of mind is so often the key to recovery and longevity.


The science of nutrition, as a therapy, is evolving continuously and Brian is involved with an ongoing postgraduate course and enjoys the essential and substantial amount of reading that is necessary to keep abreast with current thinking. His focus is always on the detail that will help the client/patient.


His other interests include competitive cycling, running, walking, writing, listening to music and yoga.




Pam Hampton - Multiple Therapies including Hypnotherapy halogo





Pam Hampton M.C.H., C.M.H., C.Hyp, I.T.E.C.

Pam is a Healer and Therapist at the Caring Clinic and has been in constant practice since 1978

Pam's emergence into healing and complementary therapies was the result of searching for help for over twenty five years of chronic illness and trauma from birth. She has an interest in people and a deep and probing philosophical and spiritual approach to life. 

Formerly, a biology teacher, her own healing abilities, latent from childhood, re-emerged when she herself began to receive healing from a healer. From there she experienced a number of other therapies which helped her, and then went on to have training herself. A love of learning as well as a dedication to helping herself and other people to continue to grow and find what they are looking for means that Pam is continually extending her knowledge and experience in the area of healing and therapy. She continues to receive healing and therapy.


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